Greenhouse Community Project (GCP) is an independent UK based Christian Organisation (CIC) for people and families affected by the hardships that lead to social exclusion, especially homelessness, drug and alcohol abuse, long term unemployment, interim care, domestic abuse.

Before the Greenhouse Community Project began, our story began through a church ministry cafe in Plymouth, UK. Fiona was working as Building Operations Manager, launching an internship within the church and a weekly recovery group. This need grew larger and so it was proposed that she take over the old care taking house of the church, which was derelict, to create a safe environment for those with addictions and who were homelessness: rebuilding a home for anyone to be welcomed in. This house became a hub for people being welcomed into a home for a cup of tea and a chat, whilst some were invited to live there whilst they went through a process to detox from their addiction. Living as a family. This was messy at times but provided a home full of love, where others are put first and life was lived together. ​ 


Our Statement: 

GCP sees lives transformed through community living which brings people into the heart of God’s family. The project supports people coming out of addiction alongside those most vulnerable in society and allows residents to discover their identity free from addiction. Residents not only live together, but they eat, pray and work together. This provides structure, and more importantly creates family, where everyone is included, loved and accepted unconditionally. Alongside family living, the project supports residents through one on one, emotional and therapeutic support, within the community.


The Greenhouse Project is a Christian vision inspired by loving others and loving God. 


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Fiona Spicer, Director of GCP