Holding Hands



All our residents are at apart of GCP entirely voluntary. We suggest people plan to stay with us a minimum of 3 to 18 months. we accept residents of 18 years and older. In certain circumstances we are able to accept adults with young children.

We can currently only take UK residents or citizens with approved visas. Our houses run on the contribution of regular giving, sponsorship and housing benefits by the individual living with us and by other residents who are able to work and pay rent and contribute to the running of the house. 


Each resident receives a welcome introduction by the someone living within the house or helper to help settle in.  Monday to Saturday each night we eat dinner together, have once a week bible study and Sunday is attending a morning or evening worship service. Sunday afternoons and evenings are generally spent in recreation with a lunch with all the residents from other houses, friends and families are welcome to join if agreement with the entire house who are hosting.  For those in recovery (dependant on situation) it is suggested that a structure of their week would be put in place. 

We have former residents / helpers who live on-site. They form an integral part of the family atmosphere. Often the most people who have been apart of GCP have often become supporters, having 'been through it' it gives first hand experience and sharing lessons learned which are invaluable to newer residents.

If you are doing a self-referral or an organisation referring someone else please fill in this form below.



Volunteering with us can be done in multiple ways. Are you skilled in a profession and want to teach new skills to our residents? Want to help us with our social media, administration a few hours a week? Be apart of the community for a day or event?

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Want to intern with us for up to 3 months to a year? 

We are currently in the process of developing our internship course. if you would still like to enquire please do not hesitate to contact us.